A Life Ready to Finally Take Flight


His whole life, Tomasino was forced to feed solely through cannulas and small tubes. Now, he can finally start a new, better life.

Tomasino is a Moldavian two-year-old child, who had been suffering since birth from a malformation of the esophagus and trachea. Following an extraordinary, 10-day recovery, he has already returned home from the Mangiagalli Clinic, where he was also operated. This Clinic has become, over time, one of the foremost european facilities for pediatrical operations of this kind, and it deals daily with cases this delicate and complex. We feel that it is important to mention that the operation was a success thank also to Prof. Rothenberg's assistance. Prof. Rothenberg, of Denver's Children's Hospital, is a renowned expert in this field, and he was kind enough to lend his expertise to this very delicate case.

Thanks to the success of this operation, Tomasino has finally been able to taste baby food for the first time. For the entirety of his first two years of life, in fact, his condition only allowed him to be fed through cannulas and small tubes. Seeing the expression of sheer joy, on both the child's and his mother's faces, when Tomasino was able to taste his first spoonful of baby food, was a truly touching and wonderful moment.

This moment was made possible not only by the medical personnel's extraordinary ability, but also by all of those who supported our efforts to cover hospitalization costs for the child. This case was undertaken within the scope of our "Children Without Borders" project.

We also feel that it is of utmost importance to especially thank Tommaso Rocca and all of his friends and family: their contribution was a key reason why this project came to fruition, and why a child is now finally able to eat without being impaired by external machineries.


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