Your 5x1000

“5x1000” refers to the percentage of the “IRPEF” tax that can be awarded to no profit organizations and to other socially beneficial initiatives. IRPEF (Imposta sul Reddito delle Persone Fisiche) is the name given by the Italian Treasury to its nationwide income tax.

It is worth emphasizing that “5x1000” does NOT refer to a further tax; it is simply a percentage calculated on the amount of income tax that an individual owes the State. If no recipient for this percentage is indicated on the appropriate form, it goes to the State together with the rest of the tax.

By choosing to include our Fiscal Code 12555100150 in the appropriate section of your tax return form, you can support us as we strive to reach the objectives outlined in our charter. This support would come at no further cost to you, but it could make the difference in the life of one of the children that we aim to help.

How To Make Us The Recipients Of Your 5x1000

Whatever kind of tax return you have to complete, go to the section "Scelta per la destinazione del cinque per mille dell'Irpef" (Choice of the recipient of Irpef's 5x1000) and follow these simple steps:

Choose The Option

"Sostegno del volontariato e delle altre organizzazioni non lucrative di utilità sociale" (Support of volunteering activities and of other socially beneficial no-profit organizations)

Write Our Fiscal Code

12555100150 on the last line available

Sign The Form

in the assigned space.

How we utilized the contributions we received

As a no profit organization, we have an obligation to utilize the funds we collect from 5x1000 contributions in their entirety, within the parameters and goals stated in our statute. Generally, we receive these funds around two years after the fiscal year that they pertain to. For instance, funds collected in the 2011 fiscal year were received in 2013, those collected in 2012 were received in 2014, and so on. From the moment when we receive the funds onwards, we have at our disposal one year to utilize them in their entirety. Regulations also bind us to keep a record of all the relative documentation.

2013 / 14

2013 / 14

In this time frame we had at our disposal the contributions collected in the 2011 fiscal year. These were entirely used as part of the funding for the "Pediatric Trauma Center" project.



The 5x1000 contributions raised in the 2015 fiscal period were used within the context of the “Fetal Surgery” project, to cover the expenses involved in organizing the “X International Spring Workshop Policlinico”. This event, held in Milan’s Policlinic Hospital, was focused on the latest innovations in the field of Fetal Medicine and on their practical applications.

2015 / 16

2015 / 16

With the funds originating from the 2013 fiscal year, we were able to contribute to the completion of the project "A Giraffe Cradle for Milan's Policlinic".



The contributions raised as part of the 5x1000 Program in the 2016 fiscal year have been used on three main initiatives: the financing of a set of activities within the context of the "Mario Bedussi" Project; the financing of a specific training program within the context of Pediatric Surgery; and a marginal quantity was devoted to covering some of the Organization's general expenses.

2016 / 17

2016 / 17

5x1000 contributions collected in the 2014 fiscal year were used to fund two separate initiatives: first, as part of our "Children Without Borders" project, we covered the hospitalization expenses for a child hailing from Sierra Leone who needed to receive external feeding. The remaining funds were then used to cover part of the travelling expenses for a stage in Sao Paulo, Brasil, within the context of our "Fetal Surgery" project.

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