Medical and Scientific Equipment for Pediatric Surgery

Since 2008, our activities in this area have mainly focused on the purchase (and subsequent donation) of highly specialized surgical cradles useful for operating newborns suffering from very serious pathologies. In these cases, a transfer to the operating room can be highly detrimental to the health of the little patients. Cradles such as the ones mentioned in this list can therefore be a life-saving option to the disposal of surgeons and doctors. 


  • 2018: Donation of two items to the Pediatric Surgery Unit of Milan's Mangiagalli Clinic: first, a specialized closet for the safekeeping and care of endoscopes. Second, a medical monitoring recorder, which will be used to record the results of all the exams performed in the Clinic's "High Care Area", which was built to host children who have undergone long and complex surgical procedures. The necessary funds to cover these purchases were mainly raised through SEA's "Social Challenge" charity competition, which Cieli Azzurri participated in within the context of our "High Care Area" project.


  • 2015: Donation to the Intensive Care Unit of Milan’s Mangiagalli Clinic of a “Giraffe Cradle” for the treatment of newborns affected by surgical pathologies requiring an operation. The funds necessary for this purchase were mainly raised through the event “Sprintiamo Con Cieli Azzurri”, organized thanks to the Rocca Family’s patronage.


  • 2013: Donation, to Milan’s Ca’ Granda Foundation, of a hi-tech cradle which minimizes the impact of operatory trauma in particularly light newborns. 



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