Support of Cultural Activities

Following is the complete list of activities related to this area from 1992 to 2007: 


  • 2007: Purchase of a painting by the Spanish painter Beatriz Molero, in memory of Umberto Nicolini, to contribute to the Nicolini Fund. The painting has been hung in the meeting room dedicated to Umberto Nicolini himself, which is located on the 1st floor of the Guaita Pavilion of the Vittore Buzzi Hospital.
  • 2007: Contribution to the AGPD-ONLUS (Associazione Genitori e Persone con sindrome di Down - Association of parents and people affected by the Down syndrome), for the book “Medical Aspects of the Down Syndrome - from birth to adult life”. The book was promoted thanks to the sponsorship of the General Direction of Sanity of the Region of Lombardy. Its aim was to raise awareness about the needs of people affected by the Down syndrome, from a medical standpoint as well as with regards to their insertion in society.
  • 2006: Completion of the panel for the Pediatric Medical Unit of the Vittore Buzzi Hospital, as a contribution towards the humanization of the hospitalization of children in the same structure.
  • 2004: Organization of the symposium on “Biotechnologies and the new frontiers of biology”, in collaboration with the National Museum of Science and Technology “Leonardo da Vinci” of Milan.
  • 2003: Commission of the welcoming mural located at the entry of the “Vittore Buzzi” Hospital, painted by the artist Antonella Casana. It was realized thanks to the sponsorship of Bayer S.p.A.
  • 2003: Supported the Convention on “Hospital Without Pain” in Milan.
  • 2001: Sponsorship of the International Convention “Development and future outlook of anesthesia and pediatric intensive care”.


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